Pat Johnson

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”

– Aristotle

Yes, I have been drinking the  Apple Kool-Aid for quite some time now, but had to put in my time on a Windows machine early on. I got my first job at a little place in downtown Valparaiso, Indiana. Into High School, I worked at another local company doing websites and video editing for ‘As Seen On TV’ products.

When I went to College at Ball State University, I began my 6-year long career designing websites for SpinWeb. I then went on to work with the UXDS team at Salesforce for over 2 years getting more in to UI/UX and app design.

Whenever I have free time, I love to build Legos with my daughter and submit shots on dribbble.



Designing Websites & Apps
Since 1997

The Inspiration


Before beginning every project, I look to see what else is out there. I research design trends, best practices and industry standards.

The Plan


In order to avoid timely revisions during the visual design stage, it is usually best to design some basic grayscale wireframes that are much easier to iterate on.

The Goods


After the wireframes are approved, I begin the fun part. The visual design brings color and life to the functionality we have established with the wireframes.

The Polish


Many times, there will still be a few final touches that need to be added to finalize the product to make sure it is perfect.