You so metric …
We all so metric


One thing I have noticed lately is that flat isometric illustrations are becoming more and more popular. I would even venture a guess to say that they are the top design trend of 2017. I posted this one and it quickly became my most popular shot on dribbble at the time.


Starting with a sketch

The last time I did anything isometric was in my CAD class in High School so I wanted to start by sketching something out.
I downloading some printable isometric graph paper. I modified the graph color and opacity a bit, printed it out and broke out my colored pencils. After a few sketches and initial tests, I decided to do a house. I used my Mid-Century Modern House illustration as inspiration for it.
I was thinking I might use it for Real Estate so I put a “Sold” sign in, but decided not to implement that or the dock and lake into the visual design.


Designing in Sketch

After I finished the sketch, I brought the isometric grid into the Sketch app. I designed the house, placed it within a landing page design and animated it in Principle.

Isometric Inspiration Gallery

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Flowy Illustration Inspiration Gallery

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